this thursday I'm playing out at a new venue in Cedar Park called the Post.  The Post was the old VFW Hall in Cedar Park on 1431, I played a party there, damn maybe 20 years ago for my good friend Randy King.  I'm happy that the Post has a new lease on life and should be fine out there Cedarville.  

Friday, I'm strapping on Lit' Red ('58 Les Paul Jr.) and playing alittle rock n' roll with my friends in the Jacks at the Stompin' Grounds (Anderson Mill).  Mark Evans and Charles Ford.  I've known these guys for years and its the first time to be in a band together.  I appreciate them letting me sit in with them so I can work on my licks.  Its been a hoot learning the guitar parts on all of these tunes.  Special shout out to the folks at the Stompin' Grounds for the support over the years and having a venue to play has been nothing short of awesome.

I'll try and add more to my blog as we move forward into the new year, 2017.  Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and thank you for the support of wt + the box not only for this year, but all the previous years too!!!  

Love ya.


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