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I'm Woot Talley, musician, singer, songwriter from Austin, Texas.  Being from the hotbed of cosmic cowboys and armadillo punks, I was submerged at an early age into this melting pot of musical sounds, genres and lifestyles.  Austin had the punks at Raul's, the blues at the Rome Inn and Antone's, folksingers at Castle Creek, country music all over town and rock n' roll at the Armadillo and Steamboat on 6th Street.  So naturally, my songs are a musical stew that simmer and boil with a blend of it all.  You could call me a late bloomer to songwriting.  I've always played in bands and written songs along the way, but never fronted one with my own tunes until 2010.  My first album Right Where I Want to Be (2015) is a showcase of my version of this unique Austin flavor.  I continue to write and play around town as often as possible and I've been back in the studio with a suitcase of new songs and hopefully a new release in 2023.  Thanks for stopping by, look forward to meeting you later on down the road.


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